How To Lose Stomach Fat - Diet Tips For Men And Women

Published on 08 Feb 2020 / In Sports

Men and women can learn how to lose stomach fat quickly and safely. In addition to the video above, here are several resources that provide diet and nutrition tips for reducing belly fat by eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones. Dr. Joel Fuhrman's New York Times bestseller, "Eat To Live" The Fat Loss Factor diet plan: Books about losing belly fat on

This video on losing stomach fat or "belly fat" is intended for men and women who want to reduce their waist line through diet and nutritional strategies. It provides basic insights into the reasons why belly fat grows and how to recognize which foods you should avoid because they're likely to put on pounds around the middle. The best way to reduce stomach fat is to combine exercise with eating foods that offer maximum nutrition with minimum calories. It's no surprise that these are vegetables, fruits, and certain kinds of nuts, grains and seeds.

The video also list four different kinds of fats, and explains which ones are likely to add weight around the waistline and which actually have some health benefits.

The narrator is veteran radio/TV journalist George McKenzie, the former host of the "Achievers" nationally syndicated cable TV program and the Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise radio talk show.

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